To say The Bonstones are a pop-punk band from the East Bay is like saying cheese is made out of milk. ”


Robby, Marky and Joey Bonstone were spawned in the town of Alameda, a town so East Bay it’s literally what you see standing on the waterfront in San Francisco if you look due east. 

The Bonstones are all veteran East Bay rockers. Robby Bonstone (vocals and guitar), Marky Bonstone (drums and vocals), and Joey Bonstone (guitar, bass and vocals) each have a resume long enough to choke a rhino, but where they’ve been is far less interesting than where they’re going. 

The Bonstones make melodic, catchy and energetic noise, sure to infest your brain with wriggling ear worms equally inspired by classic punk bands like the Ramones, Pretenders, Buzzcocks and The Clash, mid-90s bands like The Queers, Screaching Weasel, Chixdiggit and The Lillingtons and contempory pop-punkers like Jagger Holly, The Prozacs and the Evil O’Brians. 

The Bonstones write and create as a team (or maybe a gang). Their self-produced debut LP, “East Bay Elegy” was released on May 5, 2023, with a second LP (as yet untitled) waiting in the wings.

Father Christmas

The Bonstones

Cover of a song originally written and released by The Kinks on their Misfits LP in 1978. The song is about a gang of kids who beats up a guy dressed as Santa Claus because he brings plenty of toys to rich kids but never brings poor kids the things they need.
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